Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Got a Boo Boo at School Today

I didn't have a very good day today. Mom's work closed at 2:00 because it ice was falling and the roads were getting dangerous. Normally that would be good news! Mom came to pick me up from school and they said I had a boo boo on my nose. Mom could see blood on my face, but couldn't really get me to stand still so she could take a good look at it. When we got home, mom parted my face fur (yes, Huskies have long hair, even on their faces!) and it was a bad boo boo!

Here is what it looked like after I went to the vet.The other doggie got jealous because the day camp counselor was petting me and he bit me! So his owner has to pay for my vet visit. The nice vet used something called "tissue glue" to close up the gash. My humans are glad that my face is closed up, it was a nasty boo boo!


  1. Oh Indy, that looks painful! I sure hope that other dog got in troule! Shame on him for hurting your. I hope you feel better soon, and your wound heals nicely. Did you get some anti-biotics? I don't want you to get an infection, and have your nose fall off!


  2. Ouch.. That looks painful. Hope you're ok now Indy.

    ~ fufu

  3. Yikes !!! Poor Indy :-( I hope that you are feeling better soon - that looks like a nasty cut.


  4. Sorry about your boo boo. Do you want me to have a "talk" with the other dog?

  5. Wow, Indy. Sorry about your ouchy. We hope you get better soon!

    Steve and Kat

  6. It is understandable that other dogs are jealous of you, but he should learn to use his words like Huskies do.

  7. Would you like me to come over there and take care of that dog for you Indy? Cuz I will. Nobody picks on my friend like that!


  8. Oh Indy, I am so sorry to hear you got a booboo. I hope you are doing okay now.

  9. Indy,
    I hope you are doing okay. Hopefully it will not leave a scar and mar your good looks.


  10. We hope you're feeling better and gots lots of extra attention for your booboo!

    The Brat Pack