Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Trip With Mom

Here are some more pictures of my trip with mom last weekend.
Here I am testing out the hotel bed. There were two, so I got my own!
Here I am checking out the space under the sink. There were some interesting smells I had to investigate.
REALLY interesting smells!
Here is Nero, another new friend I made. He is a woolly Husky, which means he has hair that is about twice as long as a "regular" Husky.
And here I am with two other friends I made - the gray and white Husky to the right of me is Isis. She is another woolly Husky - she actually looks a lot like Nero. The black and white Husky to the right of me is Sasha. I had a lot of fun playing with both of them! Here we are out on the deck wondering how we can shred those huge cardboard boxes without the humans in the house noticing!


  1. Wow Indy! It looks like you had so much fun and got to play with so many new friends!!!


  2. Lucky boy, Indy! You got so much activities!! envy you...


  3. Hey Indy, you sure look like you had lots of fun. The hotel bed looks real comfy and Nero looks like a nice fluffy doggie. :)

    ~ fufu

  4. Wow, Indy - that whole hotel bed to yourself looks pretty cool. Your new friends are really cute too!

    The Brat Pack

  5. What COOL adventures! I'll bet there were a million sniffs to sniff in the hotel!
    You must be like Zim - he gets along with EVERYpuppy! That Nero stole mom's heart.

  6. Looks like a good time to me! there's nothing like hanging out with your own breed - unless it's hanging out with pugs and beagles! I *love* pugs and beagles!

  7. Wow Indy! You have been pretty busy and meeting lots of doggies. What fun! Love all the pictures!

  8. So pretty!!!! Hello Michele Sent me!!