Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Playing with The Cat

My Uncle Joey who lives at my grandparents' house has a cat. I call her The Cat. She likes to taunt me and get me to chase her, and then hide under Uncle Joey's bed. Most of the time we get along, but sometimes she gets cranky. I'm always very nice to her and gentle with her though.
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I wanted to watch a documentary about my wild ancestors, the wolves of the Sawtooth Pack. But The Cat wanted to watch Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet.
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This time, she was pretty mean. I had to call in reinforcements!
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  1. Ooohhhhh, the Sawtooth Pack!! I know them! (well, I know ABOUT them) The Dutchers raised them and took some beautiful pictures of them and made two great videos! My human has both videos (ok they're DVD's) and she also has the book! She always cries when she watches it because she said it would be very hard to say good-bye to them when they went to live in their new home with the Nez Perce.

    You should have just grabbed the remote from The Cat. You would win. You are bigger and have bigger teeth! And besides, cats need to be reminded who is boss!


  2. Hi there Indy Pindy

    What is with red white huskies and cats?

    Rafv love my feline sibling. He talks and play with him HEAPS

  3. You two look so sweet together in those pics - even if you're both at a disagreement over which channel to watch.

    Thanks for showing us!

  4. Hey Indy,
    Don't worry about having to call for back-up. Kitties can be mean. They have sharp claws which prevent you from getting close enough to use your teeth. I got my nose slice just the other week.

    It sounds like you and The Cat have a very similar relationship to me and my feline sister, Delilah. In fact The Cat and Delilah look quite a bit alike. Just be glad that the The Cat lives with your grandparents and not in your house. I have to put up with Delilah everyday.

  5. You must have The Cat very well trained. Wilbur will NOT lay that close to us. Whenever he gets close to us, he's just trying to claw us or something really mean. I don't know why husky books say that huskies are bad with cats, but never point out that cats are bad to huskies.

    Steve & Kat

  6. Woo Woo Indy!
    Cats can be fun, can't they? They can also be a pain in the tush! I have a feline sister, Tia. She is 14 and can be very cranky! Just the other morning, I was doing my furniture Olympics, and she bolted across the bed and swatted me! I was not even bothering her!
    Hugs, Sitka

  7. It is very nice of you not to bite off The Cat's head and watch whatever you want.

  8. Those pictures of you... your expression says it all!!!


  9. Hey Indy, that CAT looks like a bully. I hope it gets grounded.

    ~ fufu

  10. Just one word: snack!

    Since you are on a RAW diet and all, the Cat is well within your dietary restrictions


  11. hi indy! tell The Cat we said to share OR ELSE! you need a turn on the tv, especially when it's a better show!!

    akira & shiro

  12. The Sawtooth pack? Those aren't sharks are they!?

  13. Bruce - no, they are wolves! Look:

  14. Wait a minute! The CAT has the remote?!?! The ALPHA of the pack is supposed to have the remote! You need to take that away from her!
    Play bows,

  15. ha ha ha! Only one of my cats comes into the tv room because I am so big and scary!