Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rescue Husky

Click to enlargeThis week my humans took me to an animal shelter to meet a Husky. They wanted to see how he got along with me. If he and I got along well and he seemed to like other dogs, then he could go to a foster home with Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. So we went into a little room at the shelter and Chinook and I met and checked each other out. He looks a LOT like me, so he's pretty handsome!
I had to stay at my grandma's house because Chinook was not current on his vaccinations, and he had a tummy problem, so mom didn't want me to get sick. He had something call gee-r-dee-a, which means he had really bad sick poops. He is really thin, although it's hard to tell unless you touch him, because he's so fluffy. The shelter said that he had shown some aggressive behavior, so they would only release him to a rescue. My dad went in first to meet Chinook, and didn't see any aggressive behavior. When I got to meet him, I liked him! I was so excited that I started talking a LOT! I think it scared Chinook a little, he kind of backed away and laid down, then came up and licked my mouth. Then when he figured out I was playful, he started to play bow and hop around. My humans said that maybe he was just scared when the vet techs tried to examine him because his old owner never took him to the vet and he is over 1 year old. But he was never aggressive with them. Here is is cuddling with my mom.
Click to enlargeI'm not jealous because I know that my humans just had Chinook for a few days until he could go to his foster home, and that the rescue had saved his life.
You can see more pictures of Chinook here.

Chinook's foster mom said that he is doing GREAT and that they just love him. Yay Chinook!


  1. You have such great humans to help save Chinook!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  2. What a beautiful boy! Your humans are GREAT for saving him. I sure hope HTHNBR can find him a new loving home, and he gets all fattened up on some yummy food and treats!


  3. Wow, sister Munch is just drooling. She thinks that red headed kid is awful cute!

  4. Hello Indy, Tasha here. Chinook is a gorgeous boy!! I think my sister Eva is in LOVE!! We've been reading you blog for a long time and now we finally have one of our own. We'd love for you to come visit us. We think all the things your humans do for the less fortunate dogs is really wonderful and we would like your permission to link to your blog from our blog. Thanks!! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  5. We saw Chinook on the HTHNBR site last night and just fell in love. So happy he's there with you guys!

    Thrawn & The Brat Pack

  6. Chinook looks friendly!

    ~Akira & Shiro

  7. Your such a good boy not to get jealous! Some humans are so stupid, why would anyone get rid of this beautiful dog?! we think humans should have to go to the pound when they're stupid!
    Face Licks, M&M

  8. He is very handsome just like you. That is awesome that HTHNBR could help him get healthy and find a better family. You said your mama is a sucker for redheads, right? Maybe this should be Indy and Chinook's Corner.