Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Day Care Crew

There are a lot of dogs at day care today! I thought it would be nice to tell you who the regulars are:

  • Ice - the white German Shepherd by the doors.
  • Elwood - the St. Bernard against the left wall.
  • Guinness - the Malamute/Rottweiler mix wrestling with the puggle
  • Toby - one of the two puggles, can't tell from this picture! The other Puggle has his butt to the camera and is sniffing the floor.
  • Sydney - the Shiba Inu in front of the yellow car.
  • Buddy - the yellow lab laying in MY yellow car.
  • Sadie - the little Golden Retreiver mix in the far right corner with me.
There are more, but I don't know all of their names yet. I'd better get back to playing! You can watch us here.


  1. Hey Indy! We are at camp today too! Unfortunately our camp doesn't have a web camera. Mom says she would get nothing done if she could watch us play all day long. We say, what's wrong with that?

    Steve and Kat

  2. Oh, you have so many friends at class Indy. Why are you not sitting in the Yellow car?

    ~ fufu

  3. Hey Indy, my mom has been too busy to help me blog much. Thanks for pointing out the eskies available for adoption. I only saw 3 on the web site, so maybe the other 1 was adopted?

  4. That is a full house! You are lucky to have so many friends.

  5. yay! a shiba inu! does sydney have a bloggy? that looks like a fun place!