Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Articles about Homemade Diets for Dogs

My mom found this and wanted to share it with everyone. A lot of people have decided to switch to a homemade diet for their dogs after all of those dogs and cat foods were contaminated. These articles talk about how to prepare nutritious homemade diets, raw or cooked, for dogs. Enjoy!


  1. Yep, we've been feeding raw for years now and will NEVER go back! General had the worst food allergies and he was fixed right up after we switched. and raw is really so much easier - and cheaper, frankly! All you really need is a good freezer and, if you do the veggies, a good food processor. I hope you don't mind if I steal your link and add it to my blog too.

  2. Good artilce for my Mom. She's been adding yellow squash to our diet and we love that with our ground turkey breast (cooked) and brown rice. She didn't know about the food processor thing for the veggies. My Mom was gonna post the recipie for our biscuits but wanted to know if you wanted it for the recipie book too. Let us know, and I'll have her submit it with my picture and she'll post too for everyone (quite a few dogs are asking for it), if that's okay with you.

  3. I'll have her send it to you first. What email add? she tried the siberescue@gmail.com, to find out, but got no response. Did she have the right add?
    She made some today, and wanted to post the pictures and recipie tonight for everyone. But wanted to send my info for the recipie to you.
    Thank you. MayaMarie

  4. That's really nice of your mum to share the diet with other doggies. :)

    ~ girl girl