Friday, June 01, 2007

Is This Discrimination or Special Treatment?

Today there were some new dogs that were a little shy. When we have new dogs that are shy, they put the "intro pen" in the day care room. So if the shy dogs are feeling nervous or scared, they can go into the intro pen and feel safe, while watching the other dogs play.

So at the end of the afternoon when all the other dogs went back into nap time, they put me and Sebastian in the intro pen together. I feel like I'm in dog jail! On the other hand, I don't have to go into a kennell. What do you think?


  1. Woo. I don't like it, Indy. I mean, it's cool that Sebastian is there to play with and it's big and all ... but I am very anti-confinement. I broke some of my teeth before I got here by trying to eat my way out of steel - or so thinks the Tooth Fairy. I used to freak over being put in the carrier, too - until Mom took the door off it. Now it's OK. Is there a door on that thing?

  2. I think you are being given special treatment by getting such a big place to spend your nap time, and with a friend too!


  3. I think it rocks that you get to go to doggie day care. I have to stay home all by myself. You are lucky.

  4. Hi Indy,
    I think you got put in jail there - it doesn't look to good. If it was meant to be fun, they would have put the toys in with you. My answer - Discrimination!

  5. Humm.. Indy! Yes one could read into that both ways!!! It does seem alot like jail. At least Sebastian was in there with you. They could have giving you both some toys! but also on the bright side, at least you get to go to doggie day camp :)

  6. We think you got lucky that you didn't have to go in a kennel for nap time, but you don't look very happy to be in there in the picture! You were with a friend, so that had to make you happy! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  7. Hmmm, I'm thinking you look more like you're in the Big House. I think I'd protest.


  8. Poor Indy :( That is just plain mean !


  9. I vote that intro pen is way better than kennel. You and Sebastian could wrestle. They should have put your truck in there too though.