Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mom Took More of My Furs!

At least this time she didn't clip my nails. She said this time it didn't fill up the bag, so it must be slowing down.

And I'm at school today! You can watch us here.


  1. What gorgeous Husky you have! We had a Shepherd/Husky years ago and he was such a great dog.
    I enjoyed browsing your other posts and photos. I'm a huge dog lover.
    Visiting here from Michele's......

  2. Yes.... I know how you feel. Everytime mom walks by me, she plucks fur! She said the brush is coming out this weekend. Yikes!


  3. That fur stealing has been going on quite a bit at my house too! Luckily, I actually have my fur back now, so I'm not sure why the humans want to keep stealing it!


  4. Mom and I just love watching you play at school!


  5. what is it with our moms and this removing of our fun? She must need something else to do. It is our fur, don't we have a say in this?
    School looks like fun. We don't have anything like that here. You have a lot of doggie friends.
    Mom is doing a post on destroying our stuffies. Be sure to check it out.

  6. I know how the mom has to get her nightly plucking fix!

  7. Haroo, Indy! Guinness here. Our mom says she's done wiff plucking off Shiloh & I, for now. Just brushin once in a while - I rather enjoy that, actully. But she's noticed some not quite bald patches, but hardly any undercoat under the gaurd hairs. So Misty may have to go and visit the v-e-t soon. Shhh... don't tell Misty, okay?

  8. Indy, I tagged you! Share 7 random things about yourself, then tag others to do the same thing.