Monday, July 16, 2007


Yesterday mom, dad and I went to the animal shelter so that we could meet some doggies and see what their temperaments were like. We met some really nice doggies. Mom will email lots of rescues about them.

Then on the way home, we stopped at the gas station to get some cold drinks. Dad also bought himself a bag of peppered beef jerky. He started eating it. Suddenly mom says "Indy, did you fart? Oh, wait...maybe my hands smell like dirty dogs...." she looked around and sniffed, and yelled "IT'S THE JERKY!"

To think that she accused ME when it was dad's nasty fart scented gas station jerky! I will be joining Meeshka in a huff. I have been expressing my displeasure all night by randomly yelling at my people.


  1. I hate when the humans do that. My mom always accuses me of the bad smells and it is usually the stupid human man (dad) blaming it on me. hmmmph.


  2. Dad is always blaming one of us for his farts! Mom knows it's not us, cuz she can tell what our farts sound like, but dad still tries to insist it was one of us. Usually whoever is laying closest to him. Thank goodness mom sticks up for us! Now that I get some stuff called Fortiflora, it has really helped my gassy tummy issues, so I am not farty anymore!


  3. What is it with those pesky humans. Our dad is always trying to blame one of us for his nasty gas butt too. Thankfully our mom stands up for us to. But dad always says what is the sense in me having dogs & kids if I can't blame them for my gas?? Talk about rude!!!

    Quincy & Tristin

  4. It really must be a daddy thing, cuz our dad is always blaming one of us for his stinky farts too. Guinness never farts - she's a lady. And so we huskies are always gettin blamed. Not fair we tell ya!

  5. Just because we don't have a human voice to defend ourselves, humans think it's okay to blame us for things like farting and burping...believe me, you'll know when it is me ! :)

  6. Oh Indy, you had a right to be insulted. I'm glad you voiced your feelings to them. And spread some of your husky fluff on their clothes.

  7. Oh yes, the humans blame me for the poots in the house first. 90% of the time it is not me! I know how you feel.

  8. Oh, Indy, that's terribly embarrassing for you. I hope you got extra meat for supper because of that!


  9. You SHOULD be insulted. Besides, if it smells like that going in then imagine it coming out. Ick.


  10. Our daddy thinks it's a cute thing to blame us when he is the one farting up a storm - the nerve! Mommy knows the difference & sticks up for me (well, Juneau is a poopy head & goes all the time - he's as bad as daddy!). When our dad eats saurkraut or baked beans, mommy tells him that he will hafta sleep downstairs with the windows open. We get to sleep in the bedroom with her, he-woo!

  11. The nerve! My Dad is really stinky, and when he passes gas, he tells my Mom that it was me, but we both know better. That is rude!!!!!!!! Humans are so rude!!!


  12. Oh Indy!
    I feel for you. Your people have such nerve. They should be ashamed of themselves.......

  13. Oh.. good thing your mom found out the rest cause to the stink. I'm sure you smell really nice Indy

    ~ girl girl