Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Made Lots of Friends Today

My people and I went to the Frederick County shelter in Maryland to meet some Huskies. First we met Storm. He is 18 months old. He has been adopted out from the shelter three times, and was returned for the third time on Friday. Each time, he was returned because he escaped from his yard. Even though the people at the shelter told them and told them that Huskies are escape artists, they didn't really understand until it happened. The shelter doesn't want to put Storm through being adopted and returned again, so they will only release him to a rescue. My mom sent emails and pictures of him to a lot of rescue groups. I hope that we end up going to get him out of there soon!
Next we met Sasha. She is 6 years old and very playful! She is housebroken and takes treats nicely. She was excited to meet me and really wanted to play. Her fur is very dry and looks bleached or sunburned. The people at the shelter think she was fed really poor quality food. Now it's coming in light brown around her face, I think that's her normal color. One person put in an adoption application for her.
Last we met Nanook. Mom said he's a mini Me. Can you see why? He is 6 or 7 months old. His previous owners turned him in because their community has a 20 pound weight limit for dogs, and he weighs more than 20 pounds now. He is pretty calm for a puppy.
He's a little timid at first, but very sweet. He climbed on my mom and gave her kisses. When I started talking he got excited and got playful.
Then we took a walk around the big lake and dad was taking pictures of birds with his new camera. We met a nice lady and her kids walking their new Pomeranian puppy. She was tiny, but she wanted to come say hi to me. So it was an exciting day! I'm going to go take a nap now.


  1. Awww you lil mini me is cute. I wish our mom would get us a puppy to play with. We will have to tag team her and woo her till she does. That pom pup is cute too. But they are real PITA sometimes.. we would know we live with three of them. *VBG* Don't get us wrong we love them their part of the pack but geesh they NEVER shut up!!!

    Quincy & Tristin

  2. He does look like you!

    That is so great that you went out there to meet and support other Siberians. Very cool.

    Nice of you to share your human with the little pup. You don't seem to be the jealous type which is great!

  3. We hope all of your new friends find great furever homes.

    Why would someone get a husky when they live in a community that has a 20 pound weight limit on dogs? Mom has never had a husky but she would have guessed they get bigger than 20 pounds!

  4. Way to help your Mom. I hope those huskies find their forever homes soon! Then they can be treated like a King or Queen just like me.

    -Kelsey Ann

  5. Those poor babies! I sure hope they can find homes or a rescue. I just wish people would understand the breed before they decide to take them home.

    BTW, I have tagged you for a new game!


  6. Indy, he's not quite as handsome as you, but I can see where your Mom got the idea of 'mini me'.


  7. They got rid of him because he was more than 20 pouds? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard (well, maybe not THE stupidest, but it comes close).Why would they get a large breed dog if there's a 20lb weight limit? Things like this make me really frustrated and make me question the intelligence of the human race. now if only they let we dogs run the world...


  8. Wow, that IS a mini-Indy! Wonder if he'll grow up to be a chatty, stubborn lady-killer too :D

  9. Oh those are nice doggies you met Indy. I hope all the huskies will find a good furever home soon

    ~ girl girl

  10. the little pom is very brave! good that you were so nice to it. I agree that humans are very stupid sometimes - 20 lbs - geesh. You are such a good helper!

  11. Hey, another Sasha? Sashas shouldn't be in shelters! Someone go get her.

  12. You did a really nice thing visiting & perking up those guys. Ridiculous to get a med. to large breed of dog when there is a weight limit in the community - if that is the true reason, hmmm!!! Again, people should read up about Siberians to see if they are the right breed of dogs for them. Yes, they are beautiful & have other great qualities. They need to be with families who know about this breed & will take proper care of them. Sorry I vented!

  13. Nanook reminds me of looking in the mirror. I'm 7.5 months old...I wish he could come here and play!! :(


  14. Your mini me has BEAUTIFUL eyes! What stoopid humans to get him as a pup knowing that we are not slamm dogs! Sigh! Very cool about someone putting in an application for Sasha! I LOVE the last photo - it is like David meets Goliath!!