Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm at School Today!

You can watch us here. Here I am looking at the camera and waving at all of my blog friends! The intro kennel is there because we have a new dog today, a young Wiemeraner who is a little scared. So he can go in there if he wants to and just see us through the kennel.


  1. I like watching you at school! It always looks so fun. I checked in on you about 3:10 and you were laying on the floor napping! You looked very sweet!


  2. I have to copy Holly in saying that I like watching you at school too!!! You look like you are having a great time.

  3. Indy, we love seeing you at school. You must have so much fun.
    How long are you there during the day? Do they feed you lunch?
    I like where you hid your toy. You found a very safe place. Mine usually end up under mom's desk and they get full of fluff (someone must need to vacuum).

  4. The linked cam shot is kinda quiet right now, Indy.I just see one dog in the cage, the Weimaraner, I presume. The picture you posted here on your blog is a lot more interesting.

    Michele sent me over to check out your school, Indy.

  5. You have been tagged Indy... read our blog to see what you must do next. :-P

    Q & T

  6. Hi Indy! thanks for visiting our blog! You're very clever to store your toy in the computer. We're trying to figure a way to get in through the internet and play with your toy, but don't worry, we'll put it back when we're done! We never put toys away, and neither does our dad.