Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Puppy Pictures

Here are a bunch of pictures my dad took on Sunday with his new camera. Lots of pictures of cute puppies, Polar, Tashi, and ME!

And I'm at school today, you can see us here!
Here I am at nap time with my friend Ice, a white German Shepherd.


  1. Oh, cool, I like puppies. They're easy to beat up. They are much smaller than you!

  2. Hey Indy I hit you with the "tag bug" check out our blog for more details!!

    Quincy & Tristin

  3. Oh, Indy! The puppy looks so tiny compared to you!!! I couldn't get a good perspective before!
    You look mighty handsome! And the pup is awfully cute!
    PS: I have a really good new hiding place! Stop by our blog if you need ideas!

  4. Hi-Roo IndyPindy,
    Just watch out when mommys & daddys test out their new cameras-they are constantly asking us to pose this way, look that way, look cute (even though we are cute all the time!), stand wif our siblings so they can get us together. They get camera happy. Well, we wuv them & just hafta put up wif all their picture taking. Your daddy's new camera takes great pics! You are one sharp looking Sibe!

  5. Beeoootiful pictures!

    -Kelsey Ann

  6. That's alot of cute pictures of you and your friends Indy. :)

    ~ girl girl

  7. I love how both of your paws stick out from under the fence! And puppy pictures are always cute!

  8. Great pictures, Indy! We especially liked the ones where you guys had your heads on each other's shoulders! Your friend Ice sure is one handsome pup! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  9. Drats! I forgot to check in on you at school yesterday! I hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  10. The pups are so cute and we enjoyed the photos.
    I enjoy when you go to school and see the pictures. You get to do different things up north.
    I tagged you. Check it out.

  11. Wow, that puppy is looking tiny next to you. You're so lucky to go to schoo. I check you out there sometimes, but I gotta ask if you ever play in the kids stuff they have?


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