Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Treat Recipe

Nanook and Pooka asked about the recipe for my treats. Well, my mom was trying to customize a recipe, so she was kind of making it up. It turned out tasty, but the cookies are soft, not crunchy. My mom thinks that next time she will do some things differently, like not use instant mashed potato flakes (organic), she thinks that's what made the cookies soft. She also added potato flour and wheat flour. I think next time she'll leave out the potato flakes for a crunchier cookie. She also used beef broth - that was it! I can't have eggs or milk, so mom has to figure out recipes just using the ingredients that I can have.


  1. I understand your pain Indy! We have to design all our treats around Samuel's allergies, and he is worse than you! He can't have wheat, so mom has to use oat flour, and the only meat he can have is rabbit, duck and pork. No eggs, milk, or cheese either. That really stinks for him!

    Glad I don't have that problem!


  2. Indy, Your cookies looked good and I bet they tasted good too.
    What are you allergic to? Maybe my mom can change up a few of our recipies with ingredients that are safe for you. She really does not mind. (She has no life besides us)

  3. Indy, mom wants to know if by wheat flour, is whole wheat flour okay for you? And oat flour?
    And is the all purpose unbleached flour okay?
    For our chicken broth she uses the Goya chicken broth (it comes in a yellow box and in envelope packets - it's lower in sodium).
    You can't have diary, so no cheese, how awful. She'll think of something. We have a Whole Foods in our area where she gets our stuff and she's gonna see what she can figure out to change a few recipies. Your mom has had to be really creative for you. Such love.

  4. I want homemade treats. Have your human send my human the recipe, cause she doesn't cook a thing, and I think it's time she get started.