Thursday, August 02, 2007

Feats of Strength

I shocked my mom the other night when I broke a chunk off of my Nylabone! She knew I was chewing on it and heard this "SNAP" sound, and said "Drop it! Indy, drop it!" and came over to look, and there was a big chunk of Nylabone!
Mom was so glad that I was a good boy and dropped it instead of swallowing it! By the way, this picture doesn't really give you and idea of how BIG this Nylabone is!
Also, my mom had a stressful day and she was tired, so I decided to do something funny to make her laugh.She is so lucky to have me!


  1. You have to chew quieter, Indy. The humans keep a close eye on us!

  2. WOW, you got the jaws of death, hee hee

    Frenchie SNorts

  3. Mommy is always checking our bones. She had to throw a few away cuz between Juneau & me, we chewed them down until the ends were very, very sharp. She didn't want us to cut up our mouths. Mommy says, Awww, that is a precious picture of you sleeping in your crate!! Your mommy is very lucky to have you!

  4. Wow, you have super strength!! I'm impressed. (and that doesn't happen much)


  5. We love your unihusky pictures

  6. If the fire department ever needs an extra set of jaws of life, they should call you!

    Steve & Kat

  7. Wow Indy! I can not believe that you took a chunk from your bone! Wow! Oh look, you have turned into a unicorn again!

  8. You do look kike an unicorn in this pic, Andy!