Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy News!

About a month ago, my humans and I went to meet some dogs at the Montgomery County Humane Society in Maryland. I could only meet the dogs through the fence, which I didn't like, because I REALLY wanted to play! One of the dogs we met was Abby, an 11 month old Husky/Akita mix.
You can see how thin she is, and how she has some discolored hair in her coat. My mom said she could count Abby's ribs. Abby was real sweet and let my people pet her all over while she ate a treat. She was very affectionate and leaned against them. She was curious about the camera and tried to get a closer look at it.
Last week my mom found out that the shelter was really full, and since Abby had been there since early June, she was on the euthanasia list. Mom was very, very upset about this, and so was my dad. Mom sent tons and tons of emails over and over again. She eamiled about 15 all breed rescues, and three Akita rescues. She sent emails to people she knew in other Husky rescues.
On Saturday she got an email from someone in Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue saying that she wanted to foster Abby and had room for her. We were all so happy! Mom called the shelter immediately and let them know. My humans went to see Abby the next day and do a more in depth temperament test. She was so happy to see them! She did great with the temperament test. My mom sat down next to her and said "You're getting out of here soon!" and Abby tackled my mom and licked her face over and over. Then she decided to chew on my dad's hand.
We are all so thrilled! Look for Abby on Tails of the Tundra's site soon, her name will be Shawnee. We all thank them for giving her a second chance!


  1. I'm happy for Abby too.
    I hope she'll find a great furever home soon she's a real pretty girl..

    ~ Girl girl

  2. Good luck Abby! We hope you find a forever home SOON! You look very lovable.

  3. Oh look at her.. she is so pretty! I am glad Tails of the Tundra came through on getting her closer to her permanent home :)
    Way to go Indy and mom!

  4. That's really cool, Indy! You're doing a great job saving puppies!

    Steve and Kat

  5. Woooooooooooo! Wow, she's skinny - but bee-woo-tiful! Give your mom a hug for me!

  6. Wooo-ooo!
    Your mom rocks, Indy! We hope Shawnee finds a great furever home. She's such a striking girl!

    and Jack A-roo

  7. I seee you in school today, Indy! You're in the new puppy cage!!


  8. She's byooootiful! Thank you and your parents for all you do. :)


  9. That's so great of you and your humans to help out Abby. It looks like she really appreciated it!!! Can't wait to here updates!

    -Kelsey Ann

  10. Woos again, Indy,
    we tagged you for a game...see our blog. Hope you can play too!


  11. So happy Abby has found a new place to call home!

  12. What a good story. Those cool eyes and dark mask remind me of Meeko.

  13. wow she has such gorgeous eyes!

  14. Abby's name is now Jersey and she is our favorite girl in the world- thank you for rescuing her- we couldn't imagine our lives without her!!! She is the sweetest, most playful dog. Thank you for what you do!!!
    -The Casters