Friday, November 16, 2007

The Incredible Shrinking Foot

My foot is shrinking back to normal size! I know it looks red, that's from the stuff that was coming out of my foot (I know, yuck). But no more yucky stuff is coming out and my foot is shrinking! Now I can't wait for all of the fur to grow back! I might have some bald spots on my foot, but oh well. My humans are just so thrilled that I am getting better and don't need surgery! Oh, that brown thing under my toe is dried chicken.
Mom found my puppy harness! Now it just fits over my head!


  1. Oh Indy we are so gald about our foot. It does look better and I bet it feels better too! The harness is just tooo much. Your mom is like mine, they just have to keep those things.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  2. Good paw! Nice paw!

    Watch out when they get out puppy stuff! They may be thinking about an addition to your pack!

  3. Oh how fun to try on your puppy harness! Looks like you've grown a bit. We're glad to hear your paw is shrinking, though.. You only need to grow a certain amounts!

    Healing licks,
    the WriggleButts

  4. Way to go on the shrinking foot thing. I didn't know if I could be your friend any more if you became a gimpy. I have enough gimpies to deal with, so I'm glad that you are getting better. Can't wait until our next event together so I can admire your normal toe.


  5. Yeaaaaaa!!! I'm so happy your foot is getting better! It's no fun having an owie!


  6. I am so happy your footie foot is getting better! It looks like it still hurts. I can't believe how red it is!! YAY for vast improvements and no surgery!


  7. Indy, I am super excited that your foot is getting better. hehehe, you look cute with your puppy harness. I had a blue one too when I was a pup!

  8. I'm impressed that thing goes over your head, no way mine would.

    You saving that chicken for later? The foot looks much better.