Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Pictures!

My mom got to leave work early cause we got a lot of snow! She picked me up from day care then took me out for a walk for about an hour! First she took me to the town square so I could run around on my long leash. I stuck my head in the snow and sniffed it and ran up and down the field.
click to enlarge
Then we walked around the lake. We met a man and a lady who were walking a 3 year old Samoyed. He came running up to me with a big smile and play bowed. We played for a little while, then mom and I continued on our walk.
Here I am sitting by a tree.
click to enlargeThen it started getting dark so we went home. I hope all of my blogging friends enjoy the snow!


  1. Hola:

    Un saludo desde Chile...!!!

    Juan Antonio Roco

  2. Oh that looks wonderful. I've never been in snow, so I enjoy seeing the real thing.

    Husky Hugs,MayaMarie

  3. Oh Indy. That first picture is just spectacular! Snowing here too. Finally.

  4. We're having so much fun! Come visit the blog to see what I did tonight.

    Kisses, Sky boy

  5. Lucky! I miss the snow, can you put some in the mail for me?

  6. Snow brings out the best in everybuddy doesn't it? I wish we could have some more. Ours is gone already.

  7. You look good in the snow. We got some on Monday (a bunch) but then yesterday the rain tried to take it away. Thankfully it didn't take it all away and we may get some more today. :)

    Hope you have some more fun in the snow this weekend!

  8. You look pawsome in the snow! We're still waiting for some here...I don't think it's coming.


  9. Beautiful! That smile in the second picture says it all!

  10. Gorgeous photos.


  11. Oh! Lots of snow! I am just a poor Husky who has never seen the snow! I'm so jealous!
    Licks :P