Sunday, February 03, 2008

Playing with Leo

Leo went home last week, but before he left I had another chance to play with him. Little humans have neat toys, they make lots of different noises and come in all different shapes and colors. Some even look like food!
click to enlargeHere we are playing with his Mr. Potato Head toy. Humans are strange. This toy isn't even a real potato, they just make it look like one, and then they stick arms and feet and eyes and mouths on it.
click to enlargeDad got some more pictures once Leo started handing my mom things to stick on Mr. Potato Head.
click to enlargeThis is mom's favorite picture. She said she's going to frame it and put it on her desk at work.
Bye little Leo, I'll miss you! Bring more of your toys next time!


  1. Little bipeds can be lots of fun. Mine likes to play with her potato heads too!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  2. And it was very nice of you not to chew any of his toys up too!


  3. Sometimes Mom buys little people's toys for us to play with. She said they're made better. You'd think we rip toys to shreds or something! Well.....I guess we do sometimes. Isn't that what they're for??

  4. Oh little hoomans sure have fun toys. That pic of you and little Leo looks really cute

    ~ Girl girl

  5. Hi Indy,
    I have to agree. That 3rd photo is definitely frame-worthy!

  6. Little humans are fun, we like them a lot. Never thought to play with their toys though...going to have to try that.


  7. Hi Indy! I'm sorry I haven't been around! Now I'm catching up with blogs.

    I liked the pictures of you grabbing the sheet of instructions! And helping open boxes!

    I like to do that too, but not when the Human Assistant can catch me at it!

    "Little humans.... Some even look like food!"

    But don't chew on the little humans! Heh.

  8. Happy Valentines day Indy. Sorry it is a day late. Mom & Dads anniversary was yesterday -- Whatever that is! So I couldnt get anywhere near the stupid puter! Hope your mom and dad got you all kinds of goodies!

    Play Bows,