Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Sunday

I had some adventures today. Dad and I were playing Hide and Seek. Dad hides behind the couch and I go looking for him, and he jumps out at me, and I run away, and then we start all over again. Except one time I spun around and hit my mouth on the corner of the TV stand. My gum bled a little, but it's okay.
Mom thought I hit my head, and made me lay down and insisted on putting a bag of frozen green beans on my head. You can see I was not thrilled about it.
Later we went for a walk around the lake. Dad took pictures of ducks and birds. He took this picture of me watching some geese in the lake.

Then mom took me to Petsmart and got me some duck jerky treats and a Nylabone Rhino Cone toy. So it was a pretty good day!


  1. Indy, you look so handsome in that picture of you watching geese!

    Oh, and tell your mom that the Steamfresh rice and mixed vegetables is pretty tasty!!

  2. Oh, INDY! You poor Sibe! Did the frozen veggies help at all? Did you get to eat any?
    Sigh. Dakota of the East is sooooo right. You look incredibly handsome in that picture. In BOTH actually. Sigh.

  3. Indy! Congratulations on your big win with that photo. You look awesome, man.


  4. Wow, what a day! Tell your Mom that frozen pieces of meat work much better. They make the healing go much faster. *wink *wink

  5. Sounds like your day ended ok. Did you at least get eat some of the green beans???

    Woo woo, KA

  6. Indy that's such a wonderful picture that Dad took. But I hafta say - the Green Beans look a bit funny on your head. I'd ask for peas next time. I love frozen peas!

  7. You look real pawsome in the 2nd picture... Hope that frozen green beans made your head better

    ~ Girl girl

  8. My mommy said not to put beans in my ears....

    The Human Assistant has been putting them in my food. Like with Holly. I like them that way!