Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rocky the Keeshond

click to enlargeWe had a visitor yesterday. My humans left at 9 am (on a Saturday!) and came back at about 11:30 with a Keeshond named Rocky. He was from the Prince Georges County Animal Management Division. Keeshond Lovers had a foster home that wanted to take him, but the lady couldn't pick him up until Saturday night. So my humans picked him up in the morning and kept him during the day until we took him to meet his foster mom.
Rocky was very scared at first, both of my humans and he was a little scared of me. My mom came in and got me and picked up all my toys and put them away. Then we went outside where dad had Rocky. Rocky liked me but I could tell he was a little scared, so I did everything I could to show him that I was not a threat. We went inside so that Rocky could cool off and relax. He was breathing really hard, and mom said that he had tested positive for heartworms at the shelter, so he needed to take it easy. Rocky rested for a little bit and drank some water and cooled off in the air conditioning, and then decided he wanted to play with me!
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Rocky even started coming up to my humans to be petted.

Once Rocky was comfortable playing with me, he turned out to be quite a wrestler! He is really good at standing and walking on his hind legs!

You can see more videos of me and Rocky on my YouTube channel.
My humans can't wait to hear how Rocky does on his heartworm treatment. His coat also had a lot of really bad mats, so he will probably need to be clipped. I even showed him my tire toy and he didn't know what to do with it. I will post updates on Rocky when I hear how he is doing.


  1. I'm sure Rokhky had a great time with you!

    You were so nice to show him the way to play - Sibe style!!

    We wish him best of lukhk with his treatment and his furever home!!!


  2. Wow! Rocky sure is cute!!! I loved the play bow you did in the video and how Rocky looked like he was training to be a boxer!

  3. Wow, what a cute little pal! You're really nice to show him he doesn't need to be afraid!
    Best of luck in your new home, Rocky!
    Play bows,

  4. You look like a giant compared to Rocky!

    We hope Rocky has a speedy recovery!

    WOo woo, Kelsey ANn

  5. Rocky looks like a nice friend!

  6. Oh Indy, I LOVED all the videos! You played so nicely with Rocky! It was sooo cute the way you playbowed him, and he stood on his back feet to try and be bigger than you! Adorable!!


  7. Great videos Indy. Your family is so cool, helping Rocky get to his new home. We hope that works out for him.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  8. Really cool, Indy! It looks like Rocky really needs a buddy. That way he can learn the ropes at a new place.

    You should ask your mom to adopt him! :-)

  9. Indy, you're a great friend. I'm so glad Rocky got to spend some time with you--especially during all that upheaval in his life! Thanks for making his transition full of playbows.

  10. Rocky is a handsome fella! It's very nice of you to share your home and humans for a few days. Good luck Rocky!

  11. Rocky is such a cutie! You are a great pal to all doggie Indy!