Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's Going On With Me

I'm back! My mom has been busy lately with work, allergies and those grains. She said to tell our friends thanks for the good wishes and that she is not having as many grains now.
Here are some photos from a rescue event we went to a few weeks ago in Annapolis, Maryland.
This is me and Napa, a Husky/Timberwolf cross. Napa was very calm and friendly. Mom couldn't believe I was taller than Napa! Our humans had a hard time getting us both to look at the camera.
Here is a closeup of Napa.
He was feeling a little camera shy.
My friend Kayna was helping this little girl look for some change to donate.

Then she took a nap behind the booth.

And here is a photo mom sneaked of me the other night. For some reason she and dad think it's hilarious when I hold my toy like this.
I hope all of my friends are doing well, I will be visiting your blogs!


  1. Great pics...Napa is gorgeous! We're glad your Mom feels better.


  2. Great pics...Napa is gorgeous! We're glad your Mom feels better.


  3. Napa is quite a handsome boy! Looks like you had a great time together.

  4. Ooooh! I like the stripe down Napa's snooter! Very handsome. Not as handsome as YOU, of course!

  5. Hmmmm - I hope only legal things are in your blue toy!

    Nice pikhs - Napa is khwite handsome!!

    And Kayna looked might khomfy!!!

    Hugz&EXTRAKhysses fur your mom -

  6. I think it's pretty hilarious that you hold your toy like that, too: I can't decide if you look like a college student with a bong, or a scholar with a pipe. Maybe both?

    So glad to hear your mom is feeling better. Hopefully, the allergy season is on the way out: I spending an awful lot of $$ on Claritin these days!

  7. Napa is bewootiful! My mom thinks your mom sent her grains here....something about a 3 day straight one....

    Woo woo, KA

  8. Wow...Napa is absolutely stunning!! And, of course, so are you, Indy!

    I hope your Mom gets rid of her the meantime, take good care of her!

    Also, my Mom wanted to tell you that she loves Anapolis a lot. One of her best friends graduated from the Academy, and she ate more awesome seafood than she ever though possible!!


  9. Yikes Indy! I am sorry your mom is having issues with the grains. You should tell her "I love you" and give her kisses

  10. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

    Napa was being a polite canine! It's a sign of aggression to stare. He didn't want to make the camera mad at him!

    Love your bubble pipe! Hehheh!

  11. wow, what a great looking boy Napa is! I hope he can find a home soon.

    It looks like you all had fun!!

    I like you blue pipe. I hope there is something good in it! Heehee!!


  12. Hey Indy, you had a fun day! I bet you'all were tired. I hope you got lots of treats. The "thing" you asked about on my blog is an aligator. We have them down south. I'll get her to take a better picture of it so you can see it, maybe a video so you can see what it does.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  13. Indy,
    Thanks for your kind words recently. The support from our friends at DWB has helped my family so much in dealing with Tasha'a passing.

    But I can't let Momma and Dad see your post. They love fluffy puppies and they seem to think that I need a new brother or sister. I want to continue to be the only pup in this house. At least for a little while longer.


  14. Indy, you look like you are smoking a pipe. Cute pic.

    You meet the neatest pups and bipeds.

  15. You look cute holding that toy like a pipe. ;)

    ~ Girl girl