Sunday, June 08, 2008

Exciting Weekend

Hi everyone,
My mom and I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and wishes. My mom took some time to feel sad and she has also been remembering all of the wonderful memories she has of her grandma. This is one of my mom's favorite photos of hergrandmother.
That is my mom's grandma enjoying a beer on New Year's Eve two years ago. She had a great sense of humor.
On Friday mom came home from work, changed her clothes and took me to a local vet. It wasn't my regular holistic vet, because all I needed was my kennel cough nose spray, and it would be the same one at either vet, and my regular vet is 30 minutes away. So mom thought we would just use this local vet for my kennel cough nose spray.
Well, we walked in, and right next to the door on a box was a cat, right at my eye level. We didn't even know there was a cat in the office. We walked in, I looked to my left, and that mean old cat hissed at me and I jumped back. Mom said "Oh, I didn't know there was a loose cat in here". The cat hid under the bench in the waiting area and growled at me, so mom took me to another waiting area further back. Then she noticed that there was blood around my eye, and on two other spots on my face! Mom told the vet tech and she took me in the back, and they gave me penicillin injection at no charge.
When we got home, mom took these pictures of my face:
Mom couldn't get a good picture of my eye because I kept squinting. Mom took me right back to the vet, and she stuck her head in first to see if that cat was still out. She was hiding behind the counter, but when we came in she came out and glared and growled at me. The lady behind the desk picked her up to take her in the back and that mean old cat started flailing around and hissing and spitting and scratching. When she walked past us she glared at me and hissed. I heard her say "I HATE YOU". Khyra and Ammy offered to come to Maryland and visit that vet's office so they would learn not to have such a nasty cat loose in their office. Then the vet was not very nice to my mom and acted like there was no reason for my mom to be upset. Mom told her that she should have talked to my mom when we were there the first time, and that mom couldn't help but worry since that nasty cat scratched my eyelid right where my eyelashes were, and mom was worried that my eye had been scratched. She said that cat shouldn't be loose anyway since not all dogs are good with cats, and then we left. Mom said she is going to send them a letter explaining why she won't be bringing me back, and telling them that they need to treat their clients better. Mom has been cleaning my cuts every day. The one on my eyelid is much better, the swelling went away. The ones on my face are okay, but I'm not really letting mom get a good look at them.
Then we picked Amber up and she spent the weekend with us, since her mom (my mom's mom) is out of town visiting her family.
Here is Amber trying to get me to play. I was tired on Friday night and didn't really feel like playing.
On Saturday night we had thunderstorms. Amber is really scared of thunderstorms. Meeshka's human said that putting a t shirt on Meeshka helped to calm her down during storms, so my humans decided to try putting a shirt on Amber.
The only one they found that would fit her right was one of the shirts my dad had from working as a security guard during a festival. Mom also gave Amber two melatonin pills.
She was so relaxed she fell asleep a little while later!
It was a busy weekend, so I'm going to go rest. I hope all of my blog friends had a good weekend!


  1. Poor Indy! What a horrible cat to be so nasty to you. Sounds like he had an attitude problem and shouldn't be allowed out in public anyway. We're not all like that.

    I hope your eye is okay.

    Huffle Mawson, newest inductee into the HULA hoop

  2. There are security blankets ... and then there are security tee shirts!

    What a stupid vet. She's risking that cat's life plus her patients' health!

    The Human Assistant says a note to the local vet society might get someone the vet would listen to involved.

    Or the state licensing board. Bet there's a regulation about keeping animals safe from each other!

    Stupid vet! Hope you heal up soon!

  3. We hope your kitty scratches heal up soon! Sounds like that cat needs an attitude adjustment. Someday it might come across somedog that thinks it's a stuffy and get the stuffing shaken out of him (or her)!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. Oooh, our Mom would have been livid mad if that happened! That jerk vet doesn't deserve to see you anymore, that's for sure. We agree with Tucker's assistant.


  5. I can't believe they thought it was okay to have a cat running around loose in a vet's office!!! I'm glad you'll never be going back there ever again and I hope your scratches heal fast.
    I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's Grandma. I bet she's really glad to have you around to take care of her. Give her a big chaotic hug from me!

  6. Indy, what an evil cat! And Mom just cannot believe that a veterinary office could be so ignorant....and stupid! Having a cat on the loose is dangerous for both the cat AND any puppies that might not get along with it! We hope you heal just perfectly!



  7. Hey!

    My ofFUR still stands!!

    I khan take the Xterra and be to Merryland khwite khwikhkly!!!

    I hope woo are feeling better -

    That was nice of your mom to share the khool pikh of her grandmother with us -


  8. Indy,
    We are so sorry to hear about your Mom's Grandmother. We really liked the picture of her with a beer.

    I can't really help you with the cat since I really don't know what a cat is. Bunnies and birds I can take care of but no cats.

    Momma wants to know how you found your holistic vet? She thinks I need one.

    Belly Rubs,
    Princess Eva

  9. That stupid khat is lucky it didn't become a snakhk!! And the stupid vet is lucky you were caught unaware before you could chomp on it!! Imagine if you had!! I definitely agree with Tucker, you need to send a letter to the local vet society. They should not have a khat running around loose like that. He's lucky I wasn't there, cuz he definitely wouldn't have made it under the desk!


  10. So much to say!

    We love the pic of your grandma! What a cool lady!

    Sorry to hear about the cat...I'll get Khyra to pick me up and I'll help her take care of that cat!

    Mom says she just heard about the melatonin on Sat. from her stepmom...they use it for their is thinking about getting some for me on days I just can't get comfortable

    Woo woo, KA

  11. We think you should wear that security shirt to the vet: then you can kick out the cat, and no one will be able to say anything!

  12. woowsa Indy. Was just reading your blog the first time and my tongue dropped da floor reading your experience w/ the cat. Wow, that vet is incompetent allowing for such non-sense to happen. Is there only one vet? I would get a copy of my records, and have your humans write a long letter explaining why they will no longer be bringing them any more victims to be scratched by that thing. And tell all your friends not to go to them. Woow. Just woow.

    I like the picture of your human grandma- I am sorry to hear she is at the bridge.


  13. I also want to add a Mal pal friend Takani lost an eye due to a cat scratch. I would be fURRYious if my Vet did not take this seriously.

  14. What a fun picture of your mom's grandma. Those are good memories to have.

    I hope your scratches are better. That mean kitty needs to be grilled and put into cookies. I think Khyra will help us with that. I hope you are better.

    Mom said thank you for the offer with the logo help. She will email your mom over the weekend. She wants to add Bella to the logo, but has no clue how.

    My cyst, I don't know. I think I have to go back to the vet next week. Mom tried the sock, but I tried to eat it. Oh well. We tried. Really.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  15. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That cat should have his claws removed if he's wandering around inflicting wounds on unsuspecting dogs! That's terrible that a vet would let a mean cat loose in the waiting room. Like Tubey would say, that human is stoopid.
    Soft woos for your granma that went to heaven. Does she have any furkids or furgrankids waiting there to greet her?

    Woos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack a-roo