Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Funny, and Not So Funny

For some reason, mom thought it was REALLY funny how I ate my breakfast yesterday. I had been laying on my side with my feet up against the side of my crate, and realized that I could eat breakfast without moving my feet!
Personally, I don't see what the big deal is.
Here I am napping with Daddy a few days ago. Mom sneaked this picture.
And now for something sad...
We hate to share sad news, but we feel that it's important to remind dog owners, especially Husky owners, how important it is to make sure that your dogs are walked on very secure collars and harnesses that they cannot escape from. Two days ago, one of Harnessed to Hope's adopted dogs died. Gidget was going to the dog park with her dog walker, and she managed to escape from her nylon collar. She ran into the street and was hit by a truck. The dog walker called her mom who came running. An animal ambulance took them to a vet hospital, where staff did CPR and worked on Gidget for 45 minutes, but she did not survive. Gidget's owners have created a memorial site for her. If you could stop by and leave some kind words, it would mean a lot to them. Stay safe everyone.


  1. So awful about Gidget. It has certainly been a difficult week in the Siberian world. But your picture eating did make us smile.

  2. Tank woo fur making me smile...

    It has been tough this week...I've been khonstantly drying the leaky juice from Mom's cheeks...which she has again thinking of khould be Laska...


  3. It's been a sad week..Mommy's been leaky eyed the past few days, if only i could cry like her too..Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics. It's put a smile on both our faces!


  4. oh woo, that is so scary. mom made sure I read this post because I got away from the man while being walked TWO times this week- one time I ended up in a busy road too. I did not know how dangerous it is out there!!!!

    that picture of woo is soo funny though- mom says that is something I would do. of course I would! we huskies are very ingenious creatures! why waste energy???? that is my motto.


  5. It is kinda funny how you are eating with your paws like that.

    I am very sad for Gidget. Mum says no more pups or kitties are allowed to be injured or dead this year.

    Huffle Mawson

  6. We weill light a candle for Giget, so sad. We know what a shock it is to lose a pup in an instant - we lost our Rosie to a truck too.
    mom is going to tighten our collars a bit now.

    Star & Jack

  7. P.S. - Love the shot of woo having breakfast feeties up. Looks comfortable to me! But then, I'm a feeties-up kinda guy!

    ~Jack a-roo