Monday, November 23, 2009

Mom's New Car!

It's actually been about a month, but mom just hasn't had the time to get any photos or videos of me in her new car. Mom loves it. She says it's very pretty. Here are some photos of it:

It's a PT Cruiser. Mom says the "PT" is for "pretty cool". It's okay. I had to get used to it. It's very different for me because now I have my very own part of the car in the back:
I'm all the way in the back, BUT I have my very own section of the car, complete with a towel, blanky, and a great big window for me to look out of. Here is some video of me looking out the back window on the way to the dog park yesterday:
Mom and dad swear I was talking up a storm before they started filming, but of course being a sneaky Husky, I clammed up as soon as the camera started rolling. I do enjoy the big back window though.


  1. HeHeHe!

    Woo do look khwite dashing in it!

    That's about where I like to sit in the Xterra although sometimes I sit at the furry bakhk and akht as tailgunner!

    PeeEssWoo: Meeshka is proud of woo fur that!

  2. Wwo, Indy - we like your new car. And that's a good job, have to keep the humans guessing about when we will sing.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Nice of your chauf"fur" to get you a new ride. And of course we stop talking when the camera is on.

  4. Nice new car! The color goes with your eyes, too! My mom likes those PT things too.

    a-roos & woos,
    jack n' tori

  5. I can't believe your mum bought a whole new car just for you Indy!

  6. That looks totally cool Indy!!!! What a great Siberian transport vehicle you have there!!


  7. Very cool Indy! I will be sure to show our dad, as he works on these cars and really likes them. I can't believe woo have your own seating and window.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  8. Nice! I need that trunk space for my beast!

    Kasha and Africa

  9. Wow!! Congratulations on your new limo! You are so lucky to get your own giant window. I get two tiny windows in the back seats, but I get seat belted in, so I can't look out it. =(

    hehe.. when mommy gets the camera out, sometimes I stop what I'm doing too. I don't really talk though, I like to telepathically talk to other dogs. Makes plans to take over the world with other dogs easier.