Wednesday, November 04, 2009


As you all know, I LOVE PUPPIES! I mean, I like to play with them for small periods of time. I wouldn't want one living with me, so don't get any ideas mom and dad! Anyway, Harnessed to Hope took in two Siberian Huskies on October 17th, and as soon as they saw Lucy, the female, they could see that she was pregnant and quite far along.
click to view slideshowBoth Lucy and her mate Desi were rescued from a puppymill. The man who had bred them gave them away. We're sure he didn't realize Lucy was pregnant, or he would have kept her to sell the pups. Because he didn't know she was pregnant, he didn't increase her food. Lucy came into rescue 30 pounds underweight and almost ready to give birth. She had 7 healthy pups on October 21st.
The pups are growing and their eyes have opened! Lucy is a wonderful mother, and is just so proud of her babies. You can just see it in these photos! She has also been great about letting people handle her babies.
Lucy is still underweight, and due to the worms she has, she has had trouble gaining any weight. She is nursing and has also had diarrhea in the past few days. The pups are now old enough that she can be wormed with Panacure, but she will also need to be treated for Lyme disease and spayed once she is healthy. You can see more recent photos of the pups here.
Lucy's 7 pups will all need the usual puppy care and check ups, and will all need to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated before they are adopted. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.


  1. pup-pup-puppies! cute-cute-cuties!
    Paws crossed Lucy's puppies all get loving furever homes! (We wish that fur Lucy & Desi, too.)
    They're all so beawootiful....

    a-roos & woos,
    jack n' tori

  2. Lucy and Desi are so furry lukhky to have the GOOD hoomans looking out fur them now!

    Here's to the pup pup puppies!


  3. Puppies? Pawsome!
    Hope all of them will get to have good, loving, permanent homes to go to!


  4. So cute, especially the pink freckled noses. Glad to hear that you have taken good excellent of mom and the pups. I hope that they find great homes!

  5. No way am I letting my mum see photos of puppies. She might get some ideas. I hope Lucy will be okay from her worming and stuff.