Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Memorial to Amber

My mom made this memorial to Amber today, it helped her to feel better to think of all of the good memories she has of Amber. I will miss her too, she was such a good wrestler and so much fun to play with.


  1. How furry nice!

    I'm sure Amber is furry pleased too!


  2. What a wonderful tribute. We also adopted an older dog. Our dog S came to live with us when he was 10 and lived to be almost 14 years old. He died in May. Just like your mom, we felt lucky to have had almost 4 years with such a wonderful dog.

    Amber was so special. I'm sure that she's watching over you now.

  3. Furry beawootiful! We loved her ears, too, and of course, her big beawootiful smile! Run like the wind, Amber, shaked that silver harness & fly!

    special woos to yous,
    jack a-roo

  4. What a wonderful memorial. I'm sure Amber will have a great greeting over the rainbow bridge.