Saturday, February 06, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

it's been so exciting! It started snowing yesterday, AND mom came home from work early! We went outside and played in the snow. When we got up this morning, there was more snow than I have ever seen in my life! It comes up past the middle of my chest, almost up to the top of my shoulders! Mom measured me, and at the top of my shoulders I am 27 inches tall (I know, I'm unusually tall). Mom let me out of the deck this morning and I wasn't sure how to walk in so much snow!

Here's my first attempt to walk through this stuff:

I went under the deck to see the birdies that are taking shelter from the snow there, but they didn't want to play with me.

Here you can see I've mastered the art of leaping through the snow like a giant snowrabbit!

It's still snowing and we're supposed to get another 6 to 8 inches today. Mom shoveled a nice long poo path for me, but I am not really comfortable doing my business in the middle of all this snow. Mom says I have to go sooner or later. In a little while we're going to go clean off the car! I hope my friends are enjoying the snow too!


  1. We got your mom's message and have our bags packed to come play in all that snow with you. We have snow, but it is all icy and stuff. We want the good powder.

  2. We're just tickled pink that woo got so much snow to play in, Indy! Furry khool! We got 0" of snow, so we're not nearly as excited as woo must be. Enjoy, dude!

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo & moo too

  3. Wow that is a serious amount of snow.

  4. I wish we had that much snow!

  5. I have to admit, I'm really jealous!


  6. Oh how I wish we khould play together!

    I was watching Fenway The Border Collie in Bethesda's Video - I really think he and his girlfuriend are really Siberians!

    I just LOVED doing the bunny jumps!


  7. Wow!!! That looks like so much fun! We are getting some flurries, but nothing like what you have there!

    Enjoy it!


  8. We're thrilled that you finally have the snow that you've been pining for. We once had a 6' snowfall in 48 hours. To help our dogs go potty, we trampled down a square, about 10' by 10', and they liked it. One of our dogs was using a wheelchair (supporting her hind end) at that time, and even she liked the potty 'yard'!

    OK, enough 'potty talk'. Have FUN!

  9. Whoa! It's a good thing you have some color otherwise you'd be lost in all that white.