Thursday, February 25, 2010

Squirrels are Evil!

The other morning I was watching a squirrel outside, when it fell out of the tree right in front of me! Of course I grabbed it quick as lightning. Mom started screaming "INDY! DROP IT! DROP IT!" I didn't want to and tried to sneak off with it, but mom was holding my leash. So I finally did drop it. Mom rushed me inside and checked my face obsessively, even pushing my fur around! She found a little scratch by my nose. Of COURSE she had to clean it and put Neosporin on it. Ugh. Then she gave me my peanut butter Kong and went to work.
When mom got home she looked at me and said "Uh oh", then spent a lot of time looking at my eye. She kept talking about how very red my eye was. It had been watering a lot so mom rinsed it with sterile saline solution. Then she tried to wipe my eye with a kleenex and noticed that what she thought was an eye goopie was actually soft tissue from around my eye that must have been torn by the evil squirrel. Mom was very worried and took me to the vet first thing the next morning.
The people at the vet were very nice and said how handsome I am, of course. They told me to sit. I knew they wanted to look in my eye, so I sat, then started to lay down...I can't make it too easy for them! The vet tech lady tried to stop me from laying down so I just went completely limp in her arms. For some reason she and the vet thought this was very funny and said I must be a follower of Dr. King's peaceful protest philosophy. The vet looked in my eye, then she put a few drops of colored stuff in my eye, turned the lights out, and shined a special light right into my eye! I thought it was very rude. She said the evil squirrel tore my third eyelid, but my eyeball had not been scratched. They gave mom special eye drops to put in my eye for the next 7 days. Then they gave me lots of liver treats for being such a good patient. I liked that part!
I think we all need to organize and educate the public on the dangers of these evil, dangerous squirrels! Dogs UNITE!


  1. I'm glad woo are okay!

    They are evil khritters!

    Did woo see the one at Peanut's house was AKHTUALLY playing with one of their toys in the yard?


    Years ago, Mom was walking Kyrye - well she pikhked up a dead one from the street and used the Siberian jaws of death on it - no matter what Mom said or did, she'd NOT relinkhwish her prize!

    I'm smiling at the going limp thing! Way to go!

    I'm sure woo khan work this one fur a bit longer fur treats and extra rubs!


  2. All the treats sound like a good thing, but we're sorry to hear that an evil squirrel tried to scratch your eyes out. Wicked, wicked nasty tree rats!

    a-roos ot yous,
    jack a-roo & moo too

  3. Ouch!!! That must have been very painful. Just more proof of how evil those critters are.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. I'm sorry about your eye. But what happened to the squirrel?

  5. Once again, thanks to your bravery, a terrorist squirrel was stopped. Its quite obvious from its throwing itself in front of you that it was a most evil squirrel. Thankfully your quick thinking stopped its mission and it will never terrorize anypup ever again.

    You should get an award.


  6. Squirrels are indeed evil! As are chipmunks. This is what happened to me a little over a year ago:


  7. Wow, Sherman, who knew there were so many kamikaze squirrels and chipmunks?

    Tubey, the squirrel is no more. Let's just say he's with Clyde Possum. Ask Meeshka's human where he is.

  8. We hope your eye gets better! Squirrels are terrible and you tried to do the right thing by ridding the world of one.


  9. You are very brave to take on an evil squirrel Indy. I hope your mum gives you treats every time you have to have the drops in your eye.

  10. Those squirrels are totally evil - we agree. By the way, hope you resist the eye drops as much as we do. The humans say that that is about the most fun they have ever had - giving one of us eye drops.

  11. Hope you feel better Indy! I'm Sky's mom and have been very interested in reading about your adventures!!

  12. Eeeek! Glad you're ok!

    Death to squirrels!!!


  13. First, it is a travesty that your mom made you DROP the evil squirrel!

    Second, I'm so sorry you were injured, but that you will be ok!

    Third, you TOTALLY deserved to eat that stupid squirrel after what it did to you!

    I hope you heal up quickly Indy!!

    Holly and Khady

  14. I have never gotten that close to one of those evil things! Now, I know I will run if I see one!! Well, probably not...but I guess I could try.