Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope all of my friends are having a great Easter weekend! My mom got up early (9:30 is early on a weekend!) and took me to the dog park for two hours! Then we came home and had lunch. Then mom left for a couple of hours. When she came back I sniffed two dogs on her! She also had a bunch of food and bottles. Turns out mom is having an Easter cookout tomorrow and Uncle Joey and Aunt Christy are coming over and they are bringing Chloe!
Mom did a lot of chopping and mixing, and put some steaks in the fridge to marinate. She was nice enough to cut off a few pieces of steak for me!

Then mom said she had to practice another recipe for tomorrow, but she didn't actually use any food. She did use her Siberian Husky shot measuring cup though.

Mom said she helped get two small female black Labs to their foster homes today. She said on holidays we should help those in need, and Abby and Wendy were in need. All legs of their trip were filled except for the Maryland leg from Gaithersburg to Hagerstown, so mom volunteered to help out. She said the girls were timid, very sweet, and were as good as gold in the car.
This is Wendy. She was very timid, but she was very good and let mom walk her around, and let mom hold her gently so her picture could be taken. She is 9 months old, and has some scars on her side, it looks like she was attacked by another dog.
This is Abby. Look at that grin! She knows she is almost at her foster home and her long day of travel is almost over. Abby and Wendy had never met before today, but they were great together.
I, of course, relaxed in the sun and enjoyed myself after all of my exercise at the dog park. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Happy Easter! I'm glad woo got steak!

  2. Wooo, she really made woo work for your steak snack! Happy Easter! (I'll bet woo get some more steak at the cookout!) Paws upp fur your mom helping those two weet girls get to their new homes - that's awesome!

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo & moo too

  3. Hoppy Easter!

    Please thank your mom fur helping those sweet passengers!


  4. Oooohhh, nice trick for the steak Indy!!! Great job!

    Happy Easter to you too!

    Holly and Khady

  5. Excellent Easter present getting some pups to their forever homes (and we did like the steak trick).