Monday, May 10, 2010

I Found a Singing Partner!

Last Saturday at the dog park I met Willow, a 5 year old male Alaskan Malamute. Willow is even taller than me, and I'm a tall boy! He's a handsome boy who was very friendly and very vocal! At one point he was wooing up a storm, and I just HAD to go stand next to him and sing with him!

After Willow was done, I still had more to say. Mom says I sound like Tarzan in this one!

Yesterday we all got together for Mother's Day, and I got to see my cousin Chloe! She's little, but very strong. We had a good game of tug of war.
I have kind of a boo boo though. Yesterday and today my left front paw hurt all of a sudden, once when I was playing yesterday, and today I was jumping up to run. It just hurt and I stopped and held up my paw and cried. Mom ran over and put her arm around me and I leaned my weight against her. Within a few minutes I felt all better and was walking and running normally. Mom is taking me to the vet at 6 tomorrow evening. Please have good thoughts and prayers for me! Thank you friends.


  1. Always cool finding a new singing partner.

  2. Paws khrossed fur your paw/leg/WOO!

    Nice singing partner - and yes, it seems funny to see another doggy so much taller than woo!


  3. It's great to find a friend who you can harmonize with!

  4. Will you be releasing some duets?

    I hope the vet found what was wrong with your paw!

  5. I hope your paw is better soon!

    You two can really sing well together!

    I showed mommy the video of you singing, and she really thinks you sound like tarzan.


  6. Hey Indy! Love your singing partner! Us Mal's do love our singing! And, at least you don't sound like a screaming hyena like Khady does!


  7. Anonymous6:48 AM


  8. Beautiful singing partner....thanks for sharing with us.
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  9. When's your debut album gonna come out, Indy? Your voice and Willow's really blend in perfectly. I have a Golden Retriever named Bossing who loves running around with the kids. He also enjoy eating his all-time favorite dog treats.

    I really love to learn more about huskies, Indy. I'm absolutely sure that you're a loyal dog, treating your Mom with utmost respect. Maybe one of these days, Bossing and I would welcome a husky, too!