Sunday, May 02, 2010

My Little Shadow

Yesterday it was pretty hot here, so mom waited until evening to take me to the dog park. Lots of my friends were there. There was a puppy named Ralphie that I hadn't met before, he's a Chihuahua/Pug mix who is about 4 months old. Ralphie REALLY liked me and constantly follwed me, trying to sniff my butt even though he couldn't reach it. Mom thought it was really funny.

I was very patient with Ralphie since he is so young. Here are a few photos of some other nice dogs (and kids) that were there.
It was a fun time. Today it's REALLY ho, 90 degrees, so I am staying in the air conditioning all day! Stay cool my friends!


  1. How khute!

    Woo are khwite the role model!


  2. It's tough being so popular, isn't it Indy?

  3. Well, you sure can't blame him for wanting to be your friend!!!


  4. What a cute puppy! :)
    Indy, in fact it was an honour that Ralphie tried to sniff you... it was a sign that he liked you and had full respect towards you I guess :).
    You can find more pictures about cute puppies here.

  5. Guessin' woo will have to show Ralphie da ropes. Jest be patient wid da wittle ones.

    Husky kisses,