Saturday, August 07, 2010

Eye on Annapolis is Stonewalled by Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Director of Public Affairs

Eye on Annapolis asked four questions:
  1. the officer a DOD employee
  2. If not, is he employed by a contracted firm?
  3. Is he required to carry a weapon while off duty?
  4. Is he authorized to carry a weapon off duty?
Here is the reply they received:
Sir, Per your request: The police officer involved in the Severn, Maryland dog park shooting has been placed on administrative leave pending completion of the Anne Arundel County investigation. This is standard operating procedure for any of our officers under investigation. For information on the investigation, please contact the Anne Arundel County Public Information Officer at 410-222-8700.
We responded to see if she would address the questions as they relate to the Ft. Meyer installation. The email came back immediately with an “out of office” auto responder.

We have to keep the pressure on, keep this in the news, and make it clear that people will NOT forget about this, and we will NOT let it rest until we get answers and Justice for Bear Bear!

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