Friday, August 13, 2010

Justice for Bear Bear Web Site

There is now a web site dedicated to following Bear Bear's case and keeping everyone up to date. There is also a Cafe Press shop selling Justice for Bear Bear merchandise. The profits from the sales will go toward paying for Bear Bear's emergency treatment and his owners' legal fees.

In addition, here is an article from a local Anne Arundel County news station about the Rettaliatas' attorney questioning why it's taking so long to file charges, and how the Rettaliatas have asked for a supplemental case report but have not yet received it from the Anne Arundel County police.


  1. Thanks fur the updates AND the link from WJZ -

    Mom rekhalls years and years ago when Oprah was on WJZ - and she's trying to play on Oprah's Baltimore ties to get Oprah onboard -

    She's emailed them twice - but she'll keep it up -

    Nice timing on your post: 8:26 - that's my Gotcha Day!

    GREAT OMEN of Friday The FURteenth!


  2. We really appreciate the links. We have been watching this diligently. We are scared the brotherhood of naughty law enforcement might try to cover this one up. It looks bad for them on so many levels. Unfortunately for them, Bear-bear has supporters like us to continue to pressure the powers that be into continued focus on the subject. We need to stand together on this one and not let bear die in vain.

    Ozzie and Zozo

  3. Never underestimate the doggie world! (or cat world) because we take care of our own! Mommy says she appreciates the links and is closely following the death of the handsome Bear-Bear. Such a sad, unnecessary loss.


  4. Thanks for the links. We are watching diligently and hoping for justice. This man needs to be prosecuted!

  5. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Thank you for helping to spread the word!