Monday, August 09, 2010

One Week Anniversry of Bear Bear's Shooting

It has now been one week since Bear Bear was shot on Monday, August 2nd. It should not have taken this long to get answers to some very straightforward questions:
  • Was the shooter legally authorized to be carrying a personal weapon in a public park?
  • Why was Bear Bear's owner threatened with a taser and not allowed to go to Bear Bear for approximately 20 minutes?
  • Why did the police on the scene prohibit Bear Bear's owner from moving his dog?
  • Why did the Anne Arundel county police close the case in less than 24 hours and refuse to provide Bear's family with the shooter's name?
  • Why is it taking so long for the authorities to answer the question of whether the shooter was legally authorized to carry a personal weapon in a public park?
Many people think that the authorities are stalling, hoping that the topic of Bear Bear's shooting will be forgotten as new news stories arise, and that the public will lose interest and the authorities will then be able to quietly sweep the whole thing under the rug.

That is not going to happen. We must not allow it to happen. We must keep demanding answers and justice for Bear Bear.

Below is contact information for various authorities in Anne Arundel County and the state of Maryland:
, Let the authorities know that we demand answers and Justice for Bear Bear!


  1. So many questions in need of GOOD answers -

    It is about time all of us get them ESPECIALLY Bear-Bear's family -

  2. We are still keeping an eye on this and think about Bear-Bear constantly. It definitely won't be forgotten any time soon!

    H & K

  3. This is an important story, and we will not let it be forgotten.

  4. We're still following the story and hoping and praying for GOOD GOOD News and Answers

    Cheers and luv
    Maxx and friends in Singapore