Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Burdens of the Beautiful

My human mother finally got around to taking me for a walk. Unfortunately, she rather spoiled my mood by repeating "Go pee pee...go pee pee..." at my potty spot, loudly enough for anyone within 5 feet to hear. Thank goodness, we walk to a rather secluded alley which has several large pine trees for me to do what humans call "number two". There again my mother insisted on the humiliating chant "Go poo poo...go poo poo" while I squatted and attempted to retain some of my dignity. The worst part is that once I finish, she exclaims "Goooooood booooooy!" as if it's the first time that I've figured out that this is where I'm supposed to conduct that activity. Sheesh. I'm almost FIVE YEARS OLD...I think I have it down by now! A bit later we were on our way to the lake and some people talking on the sidewalk across the street stopped and looked at me and I heard a girl say "Oooh, look at that beautiful Husky!" I nonchanlantly pranced along...after all, you can't let this sort of thing go to your head when it happens so often! Now I am off to rest comfortably on my refrigerated cooling pad. I scored that after I faked a heatstroke about a month ago after mom took me for a 20 minute walk on a particularly hot day. That was a stroke of genius.

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