Monday, August 08, 2005

In the Proverbial Dog House

Daddy made me stay in my kennel after finding the bags that I shredded. When Mommy got home, she opened the door to my kennel but ignored was really wierd. I think it has something to do with that book she read called The Dog Listener. It's on the couch, if it's still there on Wednesday, I'll look at it...and maybe shred it... I was quiet and followed Mommy and tried to get her attention. She got a glass of water, changed her clothes, and then sat down at the computer. I laid down next to the desk and chewed on my Booda bone and waited for Mommy to notice how good I was being. No dice - she was facing the other way. A few minutes later Mommy went to get more water. I followed her into the kitchen and touched her hand with my nose. No reaction. Hmmm...clearly I was being too subtle. I decided that it was time to resort to more obvious measures. I picked up my Bad Cuz toy and poked Mommy in the butt with it. Nothing. She took her water back to the desk, put it down and then sat down and petted me for a few minutes and told me that I was a good boy for playing with my own toys. I guess I'd better toe the line for a while!

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