Monday, August 08, 2005

Shredding Things Is Fun!

My humans were silly enough to leave my plastic bucket of liver treats on the coffee table! Let's just say it isn't there anymore...of course, once I broke that and ate my fill of liver treats (burp) I couldn't stop there...there was a plastic bag of mail on the couch that mommy left there on Saturday that she hasn't gone through yet...I killed that plastic bag! I thoughtfully left the mail on the floor in front of the couch so she couldn't miss it, and she would see that I did not shred her mail. Then I found another plastic bag on the couch, it had some peices of broken plastic in there that made some interesting sounds when I moved the bag...I saw a label on it that said "eBay returns"...I wonder what that means? Well, I had fun ripping up that bag and watching the peices of plastic fly everywhere! After that I laid down and rested. Then daddy came home and saw the things I had shredded and got very angry. What a meanie! I have been in my cage since then. Hey, if I had left all of those things sitting there and not touched them, I wouldn't be a very good Siberian Husky! If that's what they wanted, they should have gotten a lab!!! Phooey on parents.

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