Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Cousin Henny

This is Henny, my Uncle Joey's cat. She is one of my best friends, and we love wrestling and chasing each other. She likes to tease me. My mommy took this picture. I was standing next to the desk minding my own business. Henny jumped on on the desk, ran over, and started batting my ear! So of course I jumped up and put my front paws on the desk and I accidentally knocked a bunch of papers and things off, and Mommy said "No!" So we had to go play in another room after that. Sometimes Henny ignores me and doesn't feel like playing, so I have to try extra hard to get her attention! This morning she laid down on top of the couch, I guess she thought I couldn't reach. Well, I showed her! But Mommy caught me in the act, oh well. She thought the picture was so cute that she didn't get mad at me for getting on the furniture. Hee hee, I know how to use my cuteness!

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