Sunday, August 21, 2005

My Complaints to the Chef

My silly human mother does not understand why I suddenly refuse to eat my kibble. She says "But you loved it for the first two weeks!" It's a new lamb and rice formula that she says is good for my tummy. is pretty good, but I like my treats and peanut butter better!
After I posted about my mean mother blackmailing me into eating my dinner by holding a new box of Milk Bones hostage, Fritz and Booker's mother wrote "Indy, it is important for you to eat your real dinner, so that you stay healthy." Oh, blah blah blah...You try eating the same thing every day, lady!


  1. Dear Indy's Mom

    i finally got my mommy to buy a couple different flavors then I dont have to eat the same thing every day. I prefer duck, lamb and venison. And If I am still being picky, Sometimes my mom has to sit with the bowl in her lap and feed me by hand. Or sometimes she cuts up some beef roll and mixes it up in there.

    but really he will eat when he;s ready.
    You cant make a husky eat if they are trying to make a point!
    Cheers! and Bon Appetite

  2. Hi Max,

    Yes, I think next time I will order two 10 pound bags of food, one of chicken and one of lamb, so that His Royal Highness can have some variety for his sophisticated palate.

    Does Emeril have dog food recipes? He should!

    BTW, Indy finally ate his kibble when I sat down to eat my breakfast!