Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm a Hero!

Well, kind of. Mommy took me to PetCo (wonderful mommy!) to get some treats. We were in the store and I was visiting my buddies the ferrets (who are very friendly and not afraid of me) and suddenly we heard over the loudspeaker "Would the owner of the blue Oldsmobile please come to the front?" Mommy and I went up to the front, and a guy who works there said that a man in the parking lot had just backed into Mommy's car, and it looked like he was just going to drive away.
Mommy and I went out on the sidewalk - Mommy looked both ways and then we ran across the street. The man was backing out (away from our car) and was about to pull out of the parking lot, but Mommy and I stood in front of the car. Mommy put her hand up like a police officer, and I stood next to her and looked fiere! The people stopped and the man got out. He kept staring at me like he was afraid of me. I couldn't help it that my teeth were showing, it was hot out! Mommy asked the man to come back in the store with her and make a copy of his insurance information. The man looked at me and said okay. We went inside and the guy in the store made a copy of the paper for us. While we waited I stood next to Mommy and stared at the man to make him feel guilty. I think it made him nervous. I said hi and gave kisses to a few people who were coming in and out of the store, then I went right back to staring at the man who hit Mommy's car. Once we had a copy of his insurance paper he left.
Mommy got me a big bag of peanut butter cookies and gave me some when we got home. Yay!

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