Monday, August 22, 2005

Excellent Day

Today was a good day. Mommy finished her big container of yogurt this morning, so she gave it to me! I lovelovelovelove LOVE yogurt! So I licked the sides, starting at the top, and then stuck my head in as far as I could so I could lick all of the yogurt off the very bottom. Mommy says I could get a job in a recycling plant, because I love to lick plastic containers clean and I love to rip up cardboard boxes. Whenever mommy or daddy have a box they want to throw away they give it to me first. They toss it into the middle of the living room and I pounce on it, grab it in my mouth and rip it up while mommy and daddy say "Kill it!" Later, when mommy came home, she had a PetSmart bag in her hand. I used my Husky Senses to sniff out the contents: 1 bottle of grooming spray (ugh), 1 t-shirt for donating to the Humane Society (followed by the "Do you know how lucky you are?" speech...blah blah blah...), then the important thing - the toy! Mommy pulled a glorious HUGE red Kong Stuff A Ball out of the bag! Then she put a couple of peanut butter cookies in it and gave it to me! So you can see why I think this was an excellent day!

Here is a photo of me holding a cardboard Diet Coke box that I helpfully broke down for mommy. She says this makes it much easier to throw the boxes away.