Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Mother Has Got to Stop!

So, I can't help it that I have an upset stomach! It's a medical condition and I have a prescription for it!
So last night, I am laying on the floor minding my own business, and well...tummy was upset, and I passed a little gas. I tried to be quiet about it but mommy has ears like satellite dishes, and of course she had to say "Eeew, he just farted!" I just laid there feeling ashamed. What else could I do?
Then a few minutes later it happned again. I didn't do it on purpose. I would keep them in if I could! Mommy announced "He just farted again!" I got up, walked over to where Daddy was sitting and laid down with my head on Daddy's feet." Daddy petted me and said "It's okay, I love you. Your mother's being so mean!"
I'm going to wait for her to fart or belch I'm going to howl and scream like it's killing me!

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