Sunday, August 07, 2005

My Mother Makes Me SO MAD!

So as soon as my daddy comes through the door, I run to him with my rope toy, and we play just like we normally do. Then he and mommy start talking, and she tells him about the walk we took. Suddenly she exclaims "Oh! And he's still farting! He was walking along and bzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzzzz...he's just farting as he prances along!"
I have no idea why my mother feels the need to humiliate me like this. And if that isn't bad enough, she continues: "And he was farting at my parents' house yesterday too, just lying on the floor farting! I could hear it!" Daddy laughs.
I throw myself down on the floor in disgust. I will never understand why humans make such a big deal about it when animals have gas. God knows if we talked about their farts we'd be punished! Grrrr....
Listen every husky, if your humans humiliate you like this, tell me about it! Send me your stories so that we can all find a way to put a stop to this! Let me know if it's okay to use your stories or photos on my blog.

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