Sunday, August 07, 2005

Do I Need To Spell It Out For You?

My mother took me for my night time walk. During the summer I only want to take two walks a day - any more than that is too much when you're wearing a thick fur coat in August during Code Red weather!
So we have a nice walk, except that two people walking two little dogs saw us coming and quickly crossed the street. What, did they think I was going to hurt der wittle doggies? Ha! As if I have any interest in that.
But I digress...after a nice 20 minute walk, mom and I came back inside. Even though it was late it was still humid outside and quite warm. I lay panting on the floor, stretched out full length so that mom could see my sides going up and down...but she seemed oblivious, drinking water and watching TV. I stared at her, let my mouth gape open and panted harder...nothing. Finally I had no choice but to resort to more obvious measures, and I looked at her and let out a soft "Wooooo." She looked at me and said "What? I didn't make any fart noises!" I rolled my eyes, and panted harder thinking there was no way she could miss it. Nothing. So I let out another soft "Wooooo." She looked at me for a few seconds and finally said "Do you want your cooling mat?" Eureka! I lifted up my head and pricked up my ears. She got up and got my cooling mat out of my kennel. It was still wet, so she put it in the freezer and set the timer for 5 minutes. She said "It will be ready in a few minutes!" Jeez. I thought I had her trained by now, but I guess we have to reinforce the routine - my cooling mat is to be ready immediately after my walks!

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