Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rats, Foiled Again!

The spree of desctruction on Monday was fun, but today I am paying the price. Mommy moved a bunch of things out of my reach before she left for work this morning. THEN she got out a bottle called Bitter End and sprayed a lot of things with it. It did not smell good. In fact, I sniffed something that she sprayed, and it made me sneeze! It got this hot tingly feeling in my nose, like I did the time that I licked Ben Gay off of mommy's ankle! I guess mommy breathed some of it in too, because she started coughing and hacking and her eyes started watering. The she said something that sounded like "Noooo, I can't just use Bitter Apple for you. Not strong enough. Noooo, I have to get spray with CAPSICUM in it for you! And then it makes me cough up a lung! I hope you're happy!" I don't know what that meant...but I couldn't chew on anything today. Oh well...I go back to school tomorrow!

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