Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tricks for Treats

My friend Maxx reminded me of a good tip that I saw him use at a Tails of the Tundra Husky Rescue event.
It was a hot summer day in Eastport, Annpolis, and the Eastport a Rockin' street fair was in full swing. Thank goodness we were near the water and we could wade and cool off. Here we are in the water that day:

As you can see, Maxx is very handsome, just like me! Aren't we a pair of good looking guys? We so could have picked up some girls if my mom hadn't been there...that kinda cramps my style!
Anyway, it was a very hot day. Our booth had shade and there was plenty of water and there was a kennel with a towel over the top so we could rest. But you know, sometimes you just need some extra goodies to get you through a hot day. Maxx, being the sly guy that he is, knows better than to beg or whine for food, his mom doesn't put up with that! So he was very creative - he was sitting, and suddenly started to hold up his paw as if it was hurting him. He kept it up for a minute or two, and his mom noticed. She said "What's wrong with your paw Maxx?" and looked at his paw. He kept holding it up. Suddenly Maxx was surrounded by volunteers who were checking out his paw. His mom finally walked him around to see if he was limping...he wasn't. But he got a couple of treats out of it, plus extra attention and sympathy! Good work, Maxx!
Another excellent idea that my savvy friend Maxx had: be cute with kids. People love that mushy stuff - you'll get tons of attention and treats! Maxx has provided us with an illustration:
Those are just a few examples of how cunning we Huskies can be. Readers, feel free to share your stories!

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