Thursday, August 18, 2005

This is Blackmail

My mother did a sneaky, low-down thing today! She picked me up from day camp and then we stopped at PetSmart on the way home. This sounds like a good thing, but she was really very sneaky. We stopped and visited the birds, and I looked at the hamsters. I'm very good about that now, if I stand quietly and look at them I can watch them for 10 or 15 minutes while Mommy talkes to the birds. She doesn't let me sing to the hamsters.
Anyway, Mommy got a big box of Milk Bones, my favorite! Then boy at the cash register petted me and said I was pretty and gave me a treat, but it wasn't very good so I spit it out. Mommy said I was rude. Whatever, she should try it. It tasted like chalk.
So then we go home and Mommy put my food out. I sniffed it, drank some water and walked away. Mommy put the box of Milk Bones away and said "You don't get any treats until you eat your dinner." Then she put my booda bones and smoked bones away! I was left with no choice and had to resort to eating my food! Mommy thinks because it's all natural baked kibble I should be all grateful and scarf it up every time...but that would make me a Lab, not a Siberian Husky!

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  1. Fritz used to do that. Not anymore. Fritz eats as fast as he can so his little brother will not get any from his bowl. Indy, it is important for you to eat your real dinner, so that you stay healthy.