Saturday, September 10, 2005

Grandparents Are So Cool!

My wonderful grandparents who live in Florida read about how my silly human mother demeans my dignity and beauty by forcing me to endure having my nails clipped, which is bad enough, but also insists on filing my nails! That is so wrong. First of all, I am a boy. Boys don't get their nails done. What's next, is she going to take me to one of those salon places for a full manicure?

Anyway, my grandparents read about this awful event and wrote to me:
Dear Indy, You poor baby, come live with us. We just can't get over how much you have to take from your parents! You need to come and visit your grandparents and be spoiled so you can try to get over this trauma. Love, Your FL Grandparents
That sounds good to me! I'll throw my toys and treats into a carry on bag and off I go!

How do I get a plane ticket? This web site called Travelocity is asking for my credit card...what's that? I think mommy has one, I'll see if I can find it. I'll be back later.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Indy,

    That's so great that your GPs are offering a place to unwind. Hope they are near the beach.

    That nail clipping thing can be a real 'pain'. I suppose we could get out of it if we walked more than we napped. Wear those things down, but I get tired walking all the time.

    I have never flown but I hear that the airplane humans make you crawl into a sky kennel and ride with the baggage in yucky noisy place. You can't even see where you are going or stick your head out the window. NO WINDOWS!! Maybe you should consider a train. It might take longer but you might have a better chance of getting a window view. You can go to to get a ticket.

    Bone veggie.