Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Help Reunite Animals Stranded by Katrina With Their Owners

Hey everyhusky, if your mommies and daddies are suckers for sad stories and cute faces (and most humans that keep Huskies around are), leave this web site open on their computers: Katrina Found Pets. According to CNN, the nice lady who runs Puppymill Rescue has founded Katrina Found Pets to try to reunite pets with their owners who have been separated due to Hurricane Katrina. You can donate money, or you can ask if you can help in other ways.
If your humans just close the web page, woo "You don't love me enough!" at them until they go back to it and look at it again!


  1. Hi Indy - this is very sad. What does a human do to get involved with the rescues?

  2. Hi Indy,

    That's great what the Puppymill Rescue lady has done. Something needs to be done. [My humans have been watching the news, only because my mom's brother and his wife live(d) in New Orleans. They and their dog are safe. Ruff!] They usually don't watch the news due to the lack of grey matter within the beltway. Anyway, there was a film of humans on a boat. They passed at least two stranded dogs and they did not rescue them! BAAAD HUMANS! I am glad pets are finally being saved.

    I like your blog. Will return often. Check out 'Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog' blog in my side bar if you would like to add your blog to his 'Dog Blog' list. We have a great group and have lots of fun! ARF!

    Sniff ya later!