Monday, September 05, 2005

People Give Up Their Huskies (and other dogs)???

I heard my mommy telling my daddy about a man who emailed Tails of the Tundra because he said he could not keep his Husky anymore. I thought this was very strange - why on earth would anyone not want their Husky anymore? This man said that he had moved to a townhouse and didn't have a yard, and that he didn't have time to give his Husky the excersize and attention that he needed. I didn't understand this at all. But I looked on the Tails of the Tundra site, and it says that these are the most common reasons that people give up their dogs:
  • Moving
  • Landlord Issues
  • Cost of dog maintenance
  • No time for dog
  • Inadequate facilities
  • Too many pets in the home
  • Dog illness
  • Personal problems
  • Biting
  • No homes for littermates
This just doesn't make sense to me. People don't give up their other family members...why would they give us up? I can't imagine how scary it must be to have your family give you up. My mommy hugs me and says that she loves me and that she will always take care of me. I thought all mommies and daddies were like that.


  1. hi indy,

    nice blog! i am going to blogroll you so i can check your blog regularly. hope that is ok. thanx too for checking out my blog. hope to find more doggie blogs out there.

    yes it is so sad that other people give up their doggies. some people give up their eskies because we bark too much. other people find puppies so cute but when they grow up they do not want them anymore. so sad to know there are so many doggies that are abandoned. we are very lucky with our families.


  2. Hi Casper! Please feel free to blogroll my site! I will link to your blog also!

    Sometmes I get mad at my mommy for making me listen, and eat my real food before she gives me treats, etc., but I know that I am very lucky. But I don't tell her that!

  3. Indy,
    All of these doggiesare why your mom and my mom got involved with the rescue thing.
    I act like it annaoys me most of hte time but If it were'nt for the rescue i woulnd not have Cody as my Foster Brother and I would not have met you!
    I have made some sure friends along the wait. Oh and wait until you go to the hike this year. We went last year and it was sooooo much fun. Mommy even made me drees up as a pimp for a Halloween Contest. But we won a super prize. Yummy Biscuts.
    You get all kinds of free stuff there too. Make sure you pisck some up for yourself and mommy

  4. You are right Maxx. I'm glad our mommies and people like them care enough about all the Huskies out there to get involved in rescue. I'll save you some free goodies from the Husky Hike!